Shit Xero Says. John Xero is the single Most Quotable human being in existence- or at least in my universe. This is all 100% real. ..And this is why I love him.
You are like a nymph frolicking in your bathwater.. You’re so graceful baby..Wait you were a ballerina right? Nympharina.
I got marrrrio, on my bodddy-ohhh – Xero singing, after putting on his brand new super mario pj pants
Relax.. It was just shaving cream.

"Ew whats that on your face?"-me

"My ass"-Xero

oh.. I want to have 200 baby with you
why you gotta nasty yo?
That is the cake of photography.. the other stuff is just icing.
Sometimes I like to leave a hat on my seat of my car. It helps me remember. I’ll go do what I have to do, come back, see the hat then go Oh ok now I remember what else I had to do. The hat makes me remember.
How was your curing of mani and pedi?

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